Good first impressions are important, and anybody who has been on a bad first date (or written an "about me" section) knows this. I like to think of design the same way. If someone doesn't find something immediately visually appealing, chances are they will move right along—and they won't look back. Design is the introduction—the first impression—of content, and should be given the attention it deserves.

My passion for design began when I decided that not enough people were coming to see the drama club productions at my high school in rural Indiana. To solve the problem I designed posters, made t-shirts, and produced commercials to build anticipation before the shows. People started talking and the crowds grew larger. It was then that I realized the power of design.

In my free time you can find me at The Meatball Shop, Smorgasburg, my kitchen (catching a theme here?), at a concert/play or watching a John Waters movie.

I'm always looking for new projects to work on, so feel free to contact me if you've got something in mind.

PHONE: 765.490.8888